Bradley Deckelbaum is the fourth generation of his developer family, continuing a 100-year legacy from Canada to Florida.

The family firm, PREMIER DEVELOPERS, has completed over 2,000 homes in Florida, with a value in excess of $1 billion. Some of the best-known recent communities include Bellaria, on the ocean in Palm Beach, Renaissance, on the ocean in Hollywood, and La Rive, on the Intracoastal in Ft. Lauderdale.

At RIVA, Premier Developers are working with the respected local architect FSMY, the Miami office of European-based interior designers Varabyeu Partners & Design, and one of the South’s largest contractors, Moss & Associates.

When local real estate agents talk about Fort Lauderdale condos, they always mention La Rive, on the Intracoastal. Completed in 2004. La Rive residences – when available – still command some of the highest prices in the market. In recent years, La Rive’s developer also built the highly-popular Renaissance towers on Hollywood’s beach, and the oceanfront Bellaria in Palm Beach. Now the same developer family is back with a new Fort Lauderdale condos masterpiece, this time on the Middle River near Sunrise Boulevard. And this time an Italian inspired design led to the name “Riva”.

For the Deckelbaum family, Bradley Deckelbaum represents the fourth generation of a 100-year developer tradition. In today’s world, it is not often you will meet a developer carrying on lessons passed down from his great-grandfather. The family business started when Louis Deckelbaum arrived in the United States in the early 1900’s. His experience and training as a carpenter in the old country led to his first ventures building homes in Staten Island. He relocated to Montreal during the depression, and expanded the business to include commercial properties.

In 1946, his son Moe joined the business, which grew to include high-rise apartment buildings and large-scale commercial complexes. In 1971, Moe’s son Gordon joined the family business and focused almost entirely on residential development. Gordon honed his skills on the luxury rental market that flourished in Montreal. In the late 70’s Gordon and Moe relocated to South Florida, where they directed their efforts to the luxury condominium market. The Deckelbaums soon built a reputation for innovative design focused on how the purchaser lives in his own private home.

After Georgetown Law School and a stint in New York commercial real estate Gordon’s son Bradley joined the family business in 2002. Bradley’s legal mind and sensitivity to a broader market added a new dimension to the development concepts that the firm has initiated.

In Florida, the family business has now developed over 2000 homes and condominiums with a value in excess of $1 billion. The new Riva Fort Lauderdale condos for sale combines this hundred-year record of unbroken success and stability with the latest in 21st-century design and technology.